Privacy Policy

Collection of personal information

Personal information collected by Hephestos Pty Ltd (including its Principal and its Agents; “Hephestos”) includes telephone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses of the Enquirer or the Client.


In accordance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988, and except as necessary to the enquiry or the work or project undertaken, Hephestos does not otherwise collect personal information.


Use of personal information

The personal information collected by Hephestos may be used to update Enquirers and Clients on pricing, changes to services, or to track and review ongoing projects.


Confidentiality may not extend to general interactions or suggestions submitted to Hephestos, and these may be discussed with professional advisors as appropriate.


Data security

Although Hephestos has made all reasonable efforts to ensure the security of its website, it shall not accept any liability for unwanted dissemination or loss of data (including personal) as a result of host security breaches, or of insecure connections.


Disclosure of personal information

No personal information is disclosed to a third party except as required by legitimate government requests, or to protect the wellbeing, integrity and operation of Hephestos and its personnel (including its Agents) and systems.


With permission, Hephestos may share information with other professional advisors as necessary.


Hephestos may also disclose any information it considers necessary to the appropriate Authorities in emergency situations, or to report suspicious activity, or to bring action against those who may cause injury or interference with Hephestos rights, or property, or its Associates.


Amendments and queries

If a legitimate Enquirer requests access to or correction of any personal information, or wishes no further contact by Hephestos, or has reasonable concerns or complaints about the use of personal information, then the Enquirer is advised to forward a written request including contact details to Hephestos.  Where appropriate, Hephestos will forward this request to its legal advisors for consideration.


Hephestos reserves the right to change its policies on commercial grounds, or as required by law.

“Understanding from Knowledge” (Γνῶθι Mαθών) – means that no problem goes unexplained.